I guess, as always, it’s been awhile. A month? More? Yikes.
Maybe it’s just the lingering effect of Paso Robles!
But there is actual news. Yes, news. New product news.
But before that, a quick word about what else I’ve been up to. Painting. Lots of painting. I’m marching through the 1930s race plane series for Williams Brothers models. I don’t think I’m revealing any company secrets by saying that I’ve finished the Wedell Williams box top and am working on the Hall Bulldog and GeeBeeR. Whenever and whatever order they’re released in is another matter. Squeezed in between these two was another Datafile cover for the good folks at Albatros Productions Ltd. Anyone who reads Windsock magazine will know what it is. I’ll just say it’s the very next scheduled release and it was the quickest cover I’ve yet done. Two weeks ago this picture didn’t exist and now it’s been delivered.
Now, onto the new junk! First up is an original painting, and matching print of a late WW I Airco deHavilland DH4. For an assortment of reasons, I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile ( Well, maybe not sitting on. Hardboard is good stuff, but sitting on it is not recommended). It’s a rather flashy and strangely lit picture, but I like it. Call it a tribute to Jo Kotula, the master of bizarre skies, familiar to all of a certain age who remember his covers for Model Airplane News and his striking box top paintings on the long-gone Aurora line of kits. I’m usually a meat and potatoes blue sky kind of guy, but sometimes a little psycho-wackiness is needed. Hence this DH4 picture. Not yet in Kotula-land, but approaching the most distant outskirts. The subject itself is one of those slab-sided wonders with a kind of charisma and purposeful look. It was a big two-seater that plowed through the air behind a Rolls Royce Eagle engine at well over 100mph, dropping bombs, or taking photographs or whatever it was called upon to do.
Next up is an old friend, or at least an acquaintance. It’s Ltn Schliewen in his good ol’ Fokker D.VII. Some of you may say “Heeeyyy-wait a minute…..I’ve seen this before….what’s wrong with you?”. Hang on-the painting was finished in the very early ’00s and departed these premises long ago, but before it left a decent file was extracted from it. Some prints were run off, but there’s always been a few things that nagged me and I finally figured them out. There were some cruddy places that only I would notice- but I knew they were there- so I cleaned them up. Also, I reformatted the image area. Now it can reburst onto the scene. Think of it like an old movie that gets remastered and rereleased. Plus anything with that many polygons deserves a second chance.
And for all you folks out there who are on my mailing list, we have a discount deal on one or both of these prints. For ordering info, head to:
If you’re not a member of my mailing list, but would like to get in on the deal……..well……join that dang list!We don’t give, sell, distribute or in anyway circulate anybody’s information. Drive around the site until you find the list-joining particulars!
And if any of you wealthy folk out are interested in the DH4 original…shoot me an e-mail……..
Well- I told you- real news. Real product news!

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