Holy Cow! Almost two and half months since I last wrote anything here. I have a few excuses/rationalizations/reasons…..I hope.
I was swamped with box top and book cover work- then something came along that dwarfed all this.
A few weeks ago my wife was diagnosed with a type of skin cancer on her upper lip. The “C” word is about the scariest word there is. Two weeks back she had surgery and so far all seems to be proceeding well- very well. They got it all and have started the process to rebuild the destroyed tissue around her mouth. THAT’S proving to be a royal annoyance- she’s eating through a straw for the time being and her new motto is “I’m hungry”. Her answer to any question is “I’m hungry”. Just sitting around she’s apt to blurt out “I’m hungry”. Mumbling through the bandages, she’s likely to respond to any comment about anything with “I’m hungry”. But she’s up and active!
This explains the delay in whipping up a Christmas card for this year. It’s late- but we figured better late than never. (Click above on “Christmas Cards” for details and purchasing). I lacked the time to whip up something totally new so after some thought it hit me-I have a perfectly appropriate image already in existance. Originally painted late last year for a book cover, this year’s image first appeared in early 2009 on the cover of Curtiss Jenny Volume 2 by Colin Owers, published by Albatros Productions . I’ve done lots of work for Albatros Productions, but until now have never used any of that work for any other purpose. I figured that a classic airplane- on skiis no less, with snow, ought to make a dandy Christmas card. Never mind the ticked off moose…..he’s only mad because he didn’t get invited to this year’s party after what happened last year. You’ll have to ask HIM about that……..
Cecilia was the driving force behind this project and between blurtings out of “I’m hungry” managed to make sure I did it right, contributing a bunch of ideas and corrections.
And I’m still feverishly doing the box tops and book covers. BUT I can finally reveal two of the things I’ve been working on- both new box tops for Williams Brothers Models. Have a look- head to:
Scroll down to the news on 11-9-09. First up is the box for the rerelease Amelia Earhart’s Electra 10, followed by the return of the classic 1/32 Wedell Williams racer from the 1930′s.
Also, while you’re at it, turn your eyeballs to :
That’s a whole ‘nother world from aviation art. Named for a distant great aunt, this features surreal collages, altered photographs and general eye pleasing images with an undertone of “something else going on”. Weirdness with a thin veneer of folksiness. This is my younger sister’s work and if any of you have ventured into the non-aviation areas of my site you’ll see that I didn’t get all the strangeness in the family. She’s been doing this for years and some stream of deranged vision seems to have dropped onto both of us.
That about does it for this time- maybe next time it won’t take so long!

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