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Westminster, CA
Jan 27, 2006
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Nov 28, 2006

So, we high-tailed it up North! Found Locke in the dark – glad we didn’t blink or we could have missed it! (Our friends DID!) Got the exhibit up on Friday evening, whilst getting to know Martha – who was, of course, also busy with last-minute hangings. The exhibit seemed to impress the visitors, who came in a steady trickle and most took advantage and talked to the artists present. Several student teams showed up, working on papers for their University Classes, even a reporter from the local newspaper spent considerable time at the show. Locke has a steadily growing artist population, and Martha is contributing to the growth by offering art classes at her gallery. Friendly competition never hurt! Speaking of friendly, the people of Locke are certainly that, and I think a large portion them stopped by to take in Martha’s Aviation Art Event.
It was after dark Sunday evening by the time we were loaded back up and headed for home. Most of the drive through Central Valley was through dense FOG – yikes! Thank God for trucks with good taillights! We pulled in in the wee hours, exhausted but happy, thankful and wired.

Oct 16, 2006
Another long gap in the updates… We’ve both been busy, though, Robert’s been working his touche off, and we survived the July heatwave – whew! The pool got a workout this year and seemed happy for it.
The Colony Theatre show was a fine success and generated some really nice feed-back for us – thank you! Since then (unrelated) the build-up to the “Flyboys” movie generated some excitement around here, understandably, I think, given Robert’s passion for that era of aviation. I guess the unofficial concensus is right: there were a large number of red triplanes in that movie I, personally, would have liked at least some Gnome sputter. But, hey – it’s a start in re-introducing the public to that whole scene, so: good for Tony Bill!
I’ve finally taken care of the link-requests, but may have missed some in the flurries around here – give me a nudge if your link isn’t there but you requested one, OK. Thanks.
For our friends near the Northern California area: We’ll be in Locke on Nov 18-19, 2006, participating by invite in the “Aviation, Aviators and Aviatrices” art show and reception at Artworks in Progress, orchestrated by Artist Martha Esch.

Jun 19, 2006
Opening night for “Billy Bishop Goes to War” at the Colony Theatre, Burbank, was Saturday night, Jun 17, 2006, and it was a grand success. The performance was brilliant and highly entertaining, supported by great lighting and sound – a real ace! There was A LOT of interest shown in Robert’s art exhibit – very gratifying, indeed. This was an evening spent among gracious hosts and patrons in an “intimate” setting with a relaxed yet engaging atmosphere. We both highly recommend you attend the play as well as pay a visit to the Gallery to see Robert’s Art.
A few pictures from opening night: Colony Theatre, 06-17-06.

Jun 15, 2006

“Billy Bishop Goes to War” is kicking off the 2006/07 season at the Colony Theatre in Burbank – and in conjunction with this play a selection of Robert’s WWI Original Paintings make up the Art Exhibit in their Gallery! The exhibit looks “awsome” – you can view it (for free) during box-office hours, before the start of the play. Go to the Colony Theatre website to check the hours. Ticket prices are quite reasonable, so why not take in the play, as well?
Robert even produced a rather large painting of BB’s plane specifically for this exhibit. We’ll be seeing the play in a couple of days – so it’ll be interesting to see if the painting generates expanded discussions…
Here are a few pictures from when we were setting up the exhibit: art exhibit 1, art exhibit 2, art exhibit 3.

May 25, 2006

Yes, Chino was FUN! And a great show, too – well coordinated flying sequences where there seemed to be always something interesting in the air, no big gaps, etc. The Peashooter gleemed as it made pass after pass for the pubilc, on top of its formation participations. The F-86 was back in the air (where was the Mig?), but the poor Flying Wing was on the sidelines, collecting dust. Antique Aero’s Camel with the authentic Gnome engine put on a truly memorable show, generating the sputtering engine sounds familiar from OLD flying movies. A bit of a dog-fight with the Triplane, too. Among the modern iron, the “reeming-out” of the F-16 was my personal favorite (there is no such thing as too much afterburner, in my book…).
Many old and new friends stopped by our booth, a lot of accolades for Robert’s work – but, alas, sales were pretty slow despite our special airshow pricing.
If all goes well, we’ll be at the Corona Air Fair this October, so there’ll be another chance to get your hands on Robert’s Art already conveniently framed – or, if you prefer, flat on matboard in a protective wrapper so you can do your own custom framing.
Here’s a view of our vendor set-up.
And a airshow view for “ambiance” .

May 08, 2006

Stuff happens, and staying on top of it all becomes like trying to control a marionette with too many strings. Sorry to have let this page just sit here. Now – back to it!

We’re on for Chino Air Show this coming May 20-21, 2006! Make sure you come down and shop/visit, just drop by and steal some shade for a while…

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