on April 9, 2008

Robert in anticipation
A happy Robert getting ready and psyched.
Cecilia with the video cam
A happy Cecilia, despite being left behind, taping most of the flight in real-time.
Helmet and goggles
Helmet and goggles.
And earplugs!
Seated in Strutter
Robert gets an orientation before start up.
Strutter in-flight pic 1
Scenery from the flight.
Strutter in-flight pic 2
More scenic views from the flight.
Deer somewhere
Somewhere, there’s deer down there…
Strutter rear cock-pit view
View forward from the rear cock-pit.
Strutter waiting to go
The Strutter 1 1/2 patiently waiting for its handler. She started on the first pull-through!
Tabloid on the ramp
The pretty Tabloid got some fresh air (but only static).


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